Concerning Character

There was a time when people acted with the dignity and glory that human intelligence can bestow. It was a time when boys acted as men, and men as gods. It was a time when men engendered sterling characters, with a vicious honor that betrayed no one, with a respect that exalted their female counterparts, and a resolution to guard themselves against base and animal habits. They took pride in doing the honorable, peace in providing security, and joy in manfully confronting a challenge, a task, a duty, and conquering or fulfilling the same.

It was a time when women were valued for their virtue, their modest majesty, their abounding capacity to care and heal, and the immeasurable influence they possessed over future generations and, consequently, the destiny of nations, empires, and the world. They advanced their natural abilities to beautify, secured a refinement that exalted themselves and graced their male counterparts, and gloried in strengthening and nurturing.

It was a time when each gender practiced their appropriate roles. Men made living possible, and women made life worth living. But that was ages ago…