Concerning Perspective

I hear many people say that it’s all about perspective, about how you see it. I have no interest in seeing things the way other people see things if it isn’t how things really are. I’m interested in seeing things for what they really were, what they really are, and what they really will be. I’m interested in the truth.

Perhaps an analogy would be beneficial. Two ships are out at sea and they both see the lighthouse. One sees it off the starboard side. The other sees the lighthouse off the port side. Regardless of how these two ships see the lighthouse, the lighthouse does not move. It is in one location and will continue to be in one location, regardless of the ships’ orientations or perspectives.

If the ships are to safely reach their destination, they will need to adjust their courses according to the lighthouse. If we are to get through this life successfully, then we will need to adjust our approach in life according to the truth. Perspective just tells us how far off course we are.