Concerning Wealth Distribution

I often see articles about the growing disparity in the distribution of wealth. I hear many people talk about it as though it were some great evil that should be cast down. Quite frankly, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

To begin with, worrying about who has more money just sounds juvenile to me. It’s like children worrying about who has more ice cream. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. People don’t seem to realize that they are living better than most of the earth’s current population as well as those that have ever lived. Heck, many (if not most) people in other countries are not worried about who has more money. They are more worried about where they will find their next meal. It would seem that people who worry about income distribution have plush and easy lives, as though they don’t have anything better to worry about. The worry is trivial.

Now, if the rich have all the money and they aren’t spending it (or in other words, not redistributing it) then… No, I can’t find a problem here either. If the rich are holding onto their money, then they are keeping it out of circulation. If they are keeping it out of circulation, then dollars are scarcer. And in this case, scarcity adds value. You can thank the rich that your dollar is worth what it is.

Finally, people generally pay other people what they believe them to be worth. Actors, music stars, CEOs, and professional athletes are among the highest paid people. Tons of people pay a lot of money for these actors’, musicians’, CEOs’, and athletes’ merchandise and even just for a chance to see them on the screen, on the stage, or on the field. If you think the rich are too rich and that the wealth should be more evenly distributed, THEN STOP PAYING THEM!